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Clinical Dermatology and Regenerative Medicine

  1. 01/08/2023   Photodynamic Therapy for Skin Cancers and Indications other than Skin Cancers
  2. 03/12/2023    Melasma: a Disease of Pigmentation or Photoaging?
  3. 04/23/2023    Exosome: reliability and reproducibility in the real-world use
  4. TBD                  Cell Therapy: The Gap Between Evidence and Real-World Off-Label Use

Lasers and Energy-Based Devices

  1. 02/19/2023    What’s New in HIFU and RF: Will Linear-shot or Synchronous Delivery Makes Difference?
  2. 03/19/2023    Laser Hair Removal in Asians: What’s New and the Paradigm Shift
  3. 05/28/2023    Microneedling Radiofrequency: A rising star that makes a difference or another MeToo fractional EBD?


  1. 12/11/2022     Panel Discussion: How to Place Fillers Safely, Accurately, and Aesthetically in the Forehead
  2. 03/12/2023     Hyperdiluted Intradermal BoNTA in Asians: The evidence practitioners should clarify
  3. 05/14/2023     Myomodulation with HA Fillers
  4. 06/11/2023     How to avoid the severe complications of fillers injection and fat grafting

Skin Surgery and Invasive Procedures

  1. 11/27/2022    Acne Surgery: Any Procedure Which Experts Prefer or Disfavor
  2. 12/18/2022    Acral Lentiginous Melanoma in Asians: A Promotional Talk for WCD
  3. 01/15/2023    Complications of Threading in Asians and How to Avoid
  4. 02/26/2023    Skin cancers and Mohs surgery: My Best Practices in 2022
  5. 04/09/2023  Osmidrosis and Hyperhidrosis: the Choices between Surgery and Non-invasive Procedures
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Nov 27th, 2022 , 20:30-21:30 (UTC +8) 

Acne Surgery: Any Procedure Which Experts Prefer or Disfavor


Prof. Chee-Leok GOH
Clinical Professor, National Skin Centre, SINGAPORE
Prof. Manuskiatti WORAPHONG
Professor of Dermatology and head of Siriraj Skin Laser Center at Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, Bangkok, THAILAND


Dr. Seo Seok BAE (서석배)
Head Doctor, SAS Dermatologic Clinic, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Optimal Treatment Modality for Pitting Scars with Drug Delivery of Micro Needle RF and Collagen Stimulator

Dr. Davin LIM
Lead Dermatologist, Cutis Dermatology, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
How I manage Acne Scars including subcision and excision procedures.

Prof. Woraphong MANUSKIATTI

Division of Dermatology and Siriraj Skin Laser Center, Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, Bangkok, THAILAND
Treat atrophic acne scars with picosecond laser

Dec 18th, 2022 , 20:30-21:30 (UTC +8) 

Acral Lentiginous Melanoma in Asians:A Promotional Talk for WCD


Dr. Krisinda DIM-JAMORA, MD
President of the Philippine Academy of Cutaneous Surgery
Section Chief of the Section of Mohs Surgery & Cutaneous Oncology, Department of
Dermatology, Makati Medical Center, PHILIPPINES

Dr. Patrick HUANG, MD
President, Cyber Conference of Aesthetic Dermatology and Skin Surgery in APAC
Chair, Session of the “Dermatosurgery for skin tumors: I” in the Symposium “Surgical therapy II.”

Special Guest:

President of WCD 2023 Singapore Prof. Roy CHAN


Prof. Dr. Kee-Yang CHUNG, MD, PhD
Professor, Dept of Dermatology, Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul, KOREA
Treatment Outcome of Post-Operative Radiotherapy in T4 Malignant Melanomas

Prof. Dr. Il-Hwan KIM, MD, PhD
Professor and Chair, Dept of Dermatology, Korea University College of Medicine, Seoul, KOREA
The Role of the Dermatologist in Acral Melanoma Management

Prof. Dr. Eckart HANEKE, MD, PhD
Praxis Prof. Dr. med. Eckart Haneke Facharzt für Dermatologie, Freiburg, GERMANY
Management of Acral Lentiginous Melanoma in My Practice

Medical Oncologist and Board of Director, Makati Medical Center, PHILIPPINES
Medical Oncology Updates in Acral Lentiginous Melanoma