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Clinical Dermatology

Systemic Therapy for Acne: Antibiotics or Isotretinoin, That is the Question.

Melasma: When treatment fails, what are your strategies?

Rosacea and Sensitive Skin of the Face During Pandemic

How to Optimize the Use of Topical Corticosteroid Preparation in Your Clinical and Aesthetic Practices

Female pattern hair loss

When Pore Size Matters, How Will Experts Approach?

Facials in Acne Treatment: Will Experts Support?

Will Hydroquinone Be Replaced by Other Topical Bleaching Agents or Methods?

The Role of Demodex in the Pathogenesis of Rosacea

How Expert Approach and Prescribe Prescription for Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss

Rosacea: The Gap between Guideline and Recent Publications

Melasma: A Disease of Pigmentation or Photoageing?

Lasers and Energy-Based Devices

The Competition between HIFU and Monopolar RF in Facial Aesthetics

Picosecond Laser

Vascular Lasers: Pulsed Dye Lasers and More

Update on Fat Reduction by Energy-Based Devices in 2020

Tips for the Energy-Based Devices Treatment by Asian Experts

Laser-assisted Drug Delivery

IPL: The Unreplaceable Role and Unavoidable Limitation

Ablative Fractional Laser: How Experts Use it in the Real World

The Real-World Use of HIFU and Monopolar Radiofrequency in Facial Aesthetics

Prevention and Management of Hypertrophic Scars and Keloids

How to avoid and manage complications of treatment with EBDs

Reduction of Eyebags: The Non-surgical Approaches

Panel Discussion: Differences among Needling RF, Ablative Fractional Lasers and Nonablative Fractional Lasers in Photorejuvenation

Breaking Ice with Cryolipolysis Gurus: World Expert Forum

Laser Hair Removal : What’s New and Its Paradigm Shift

Anatomy is the King and Key to Success in Threading and Injectable Practice (The CyASIA’s Pre-WCD Series)






 Injectable PLA: Update in Preparations and Injection techniques to Reach Predictable Clinical Results

Hyaluronidase: When and How to Inject for Treating Vascular Accidents

BONT-A: Intradermal Injection and Brand Comparison in Facial Aesthetics

Injecting HA in Asians, to Build-up Projection or Fill Deficits First?

PRP: Evidence and Myth

Practical Tips in 5 Danger Zones in Filler Augmentation by Asian Experts

How Experts Choose and Inject Skin Boosters

Ask Experts; How Experts Manage Nodules and Granuloma

How Experts Avoid and Manage Vascular Accidents of Filler Injection

How Experts Avoid and Manage Adverse Reaction of Toxin Injection

Office-based Treatment of Venous Disease

Panel Discussion: My Solution to Toxin Complications in Addition to “Wait and See”

Panel Discussion: The Complexity of Periorbital Injection: How to Recognize and Inject Fillers Among Retaining ligaments, Septum, and Spaces

How to Place Fillers Safely, Accurately,
and Aesthetically on the Forehead

Hyperdiluted Intradermal BoNTA in Asians

How to avoid the severe complications of fillers injection and fat grafting

Skin Surgery and Invasive Procedures

Liposculpting by Skin Surgeons

Mohs Micrographic Surgery (II)

Mohs Surgery for Plantar Melanoma, Angiosarcoma and Merkel Cell Carcinoma

The Risks and Tricks of Deep Plane Threading in Facial Aesthetics

The Unlimited Possibility of Skin Flaps: The Experts’ Insight and Wisdom

The President’s Opening Remarks and Surgical Pearls from Asian Experts

Ask Experts; Ingrown Nail: Nail Bracing and Surgical Options

Surgical Approaches for Recalcitrant Cases of Vitiligo

Will Hydroquinone Be Replaced by Other Topical Bleaching Agents or Methods?

How Experts Manage Acne Scars

How COVID-19 Pandemic Changes Dermatologic Surgery and Aesthetic Practices in Asian Countries

Asian Perspective on Surgical Treatment of Female Pattern Hair Loss

How to Optimize Treatment of Keloids or Scars with Injections and Drug Delivery

Acne Surgery: Any Procedure Which Experts Prefer or Disfavor

Acral Lentiginous Melanoma in Asians:A Promotional Talk for WCD

Risks, Complications Versus Benefits of Thread Suspension Surgery

Skin cancers and Mohs surgery: My Best Practices in 2022

Axillary Osmidrosis and Hyperhidrosis: Surgery or Non-surgical Procedures?

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