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Clinical Dermatology

Energy-Based Devices


Skin Surgery​

How Experts Manage Nodules and Granuloma

Dec 19th, 2021 , 20:30-21:30 (UTC +8)

Sung Kyu JUNG, MD
Department of Dermatology, Korea University College of Medicine, SOUTH KOREA
Topic: How I Prevent and Manage PLLA Nodules and Granulomas

Shang Li LIN, MD
Director, Shang-li Dermatologic & Aesthetic Clinic, TAIWAN
Topic: Updated Recommendations for Managing Nodules and Granulomas Related to PCL-based Fillers

Superintendent, Rebecca Cosmetic Center, Taipei, TAIWAN
Topic: Prevention, the Best Strategy

Professor, Department of Plastic Surgery, University Hospital of Modena, ITALY
Topic: Inflammatory Complications of Fillers: Attacking the Cause

Stephanie LAM, MBBS
Attending Plastic Surgeon, Central Health Medical Practice, HONG KONG
Topic: HA and PLLA: proceed with caution

Surgical Approaches for Recalcitrant Cases of Vitiligo

Dec 05th, 2021 , 20:30-21:30 (UTC +8)


Welcome to join the upcoming session of CyASIA from 20:30-21:30(UTC+8) on Dec 5th, 2021. The theme of this webinar is “Surgical Approaches for Recalcitrant Cases of Vitiligo”.
This time, we invite Dr. Chee-Leok Goh,Honorary President of World Congress of Dermatology 2023 Singapore , to give us an opening speech. Vitiligo experts Dr. Jung Min Bae, Dr. Steven Thng, and Dr. Charlene Cyng, and other board members of CyASIA will share their thoughts about surgical management of recalcitrant vitiligo. Here is the information of the webinar. What a great opportunity to learn with world-class mentors.


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Facials in Acne Treatment: Will Experts Support?

Nov 21th, 2021 , 20:30-21:30 (UTC +8)  

Wooi Chiang TAN, MD
Head of Dept of Dermatology, Hospital Pulau Pinang
Supervisor and Trainer for Advanced Master of Dermatology, National University Malaysia
Editor-in-Chief, Malaysian Journal of Dermatology
Facials in acne treatment: Perspective from Malaysia

IMCAS Global Course Coordinator
Associate Editor for Dermatology Therapy
Vice-President of the Société Française de Medecine Esthétique
Acne, Have dermatologists lost their faith?

Ask Experts; How Experts Avoid Vascular Accidents

Oct 24th, 2021 , 20:30-21:30 (UTC +8)  

Won Lee

Director, Yonsei E1 Plastic Surgery Clinic, Seoul, South Korea

Greg Goodman
President, Australasian Society of Cosmetic Dermatologists, Australia

Daniel Cassuto
Professor, Department of Plastic Surgery, University Hospital of Modena, Italy

Fang-Wen Tseng
Medical Director, Taoyuan Milano Aesthetic Clinic, Taiwan

Ask Experts; How Experts Choose and Inject Skin Boosters

Oct 17th, 2021 , 20:30-21:30 (UTC +8)  


Leo Kah WOON
The unique 5 points bioremodeling injectable.
Adjunct Assistant Professor with the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, Singapore

Yao-Lin Allen HUANG
Skin boosters for wrinkle reduction
Chief Executive Officer of Charmbiti Clinic, Taoyuan, Taiwan

Jonathan YU
Topicals and cosmeceuticals for skin booster
Instructor for the Skin and Cancer Foundation, Inc, Philippines

Stephanie LAM
Skinboosters: common myths and indications
Central Health Medical Practice Hong Kong

Nark-Kyoung RHO
Injectable polynucleotide gel as a safe and effective skinbooster
Secretary, Association of Korean Dermatologists

Ask Experts; How Experts Do Superficial Threadings to Satisfy Patients with Sagging

Oct 10th, 2021 , 20:30-21:30 (UTC +8)

Ben Liang MD
Chief Physician of Dr. Shine Clinic, Taipei, TAIWAN
Combination therapy of 17cm and 45 cm bidirectional PDO threads for facial rejuvenation


Yongwoo Lee MD, MBA
President of LIKE Plastic Surgery Clinic, KOREA
Choosing the optimal thread lifting layer for each part


Gordon Ku MBBS
Official Preceptor, Medical Fellowship Training Program, Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine, AUSTRALIA
3D anatomy for safer and more effective Thread Lifting of the mid to lower face

When Pore Size Matters, How Will Experts Approach?

Sep 26th, 2021 , 20:30-21:30 (UTC +8)  

Sang Ju LEE, MD, PhD
Director, Yonsei Star Skin & Laser Clinic, Seoul
4D Approach for Enlarged Pore

Scientific Secretary, Wodecon 2019 – First National Conference of Indian Women’s Dermatologic Association
Energy-based Devices in Reducing Open Pores

Hui-Peng HUANG, MD
Director, Huang Hui-Peng Dermatology Clinic, Tainan
Pore ​​​​Size and Demodex

Peter CH’NG, MD
Chairperson, Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Medicine Board of Malaysia
Potion for Pores

Ablative Fractional Laser: How Experts Use it in the Real World

Sep 12th, 2021 , 20:30-21:30 (UTC +8)  


Associate Professor of Dermatology, Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, BANGKOK
How to Use Ablative Fractional Laser for Acne Scars Treatment in Dark-Dkinned Patients

Joyce LIM, MD
Past President, Dermatological Society, SINGAPORE
How I Use Ablative Fractional Laser to Treat Keloid Scars

Eric Ying-Jui CHANG, MD, PhD
Past Chair, Dept of Dermatology, Far Eastern Memorial Hospital, TAIPEI
The Controversy of Ablative Laser Nevus Removal – From Dermoscopic Point of View

Taro KONO, MD, PhD
President, Japanese Society of Dermatologic Surgery (JSDS), JAPAN
How I use Ablative Fractional Lasers in My Everyday Practice

Kwun Cheung HAU, MD
Founding Vice President, Hong Kong Association for Integrated Aesthetic Medicine, HONG KONG
How I Use Ablative Fractional Lasers in My Everyday Practice

Ask Experts; Ingrown Nail: Nail Bracing and Surgical Options

Sep 05th, 2021 , 20:30-21:30 (UTC +8) 


How to Do An Efficient Digital Nerve Block
President, Philippine Academy of Cutaneous Surgery, PHILIPPINES

Ingrown Nail Surgery by Matricectomy with Phenolization
Dept of Dermatology, St. Luke’s Medical Center., Quezon, PHILIPPINES

Treatment Strategy for Ingrown Toenails by Nail Braces
Chair, Dept of Dermatology, Taipei Medical University, Taipei, TAIWAN

Ingrown nail: Management Options in Korea
Professor, Dept of Dermatology,
Samsung Medical Center, Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA


 DATE :  06/27/2021 

Female pattern hair loss

Jun 27th, 2021 , 21:00-22:00 (UTC +8)

Associate Professor, Division of Dermatology, Dept of Medicine, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Bangkok, THAILAND

FPHL: Diagnosis and differential diagnosis

Associate Professor, Division of Dermatology, Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University, Bangkok, THAILAND

FPHL: Treatment options

Assistant Professor, Head of Division of Hair Disorders and Hair Transplantation, Department of Dermatology, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok, THAILAND

FPHL and vitamins


 DATE :  06/27/2021 

Liposculpting by Skin Surgeons

Jun 13th, 2021 , 21:00-22:00 (UTC +8)  



Medical Director, FACES + in La Jolla, Clinical Professor,
Division of Plastic Surgery, UCSD, California, US
Reconstruction of Youth-A New Concept in Facial Fat Grafting


Tsai-Ming LIN, MD, PhD

Medical Director, Charming Plastic Surgery Clinic, Kaohsiung, TAIWAN
Why Micro Fat Injection Gun is One of the ldeal Devices to Deliver Fat for Skin Surgeons


Sophie Pei-Hsuan LU, MD

Dermatologic Surgeon and Medical Director, Haute Age Aesthetic Medicine Clinic, Taipei, TAIWAN
Autologous Fat Transplantation vs. Filler Injection: Clinical Considerations


 DATE :  06/13/2021 

IPL: The Unreplaceable Role and Unavoidable Limitation

May 30, 2021, 21:00-22:00 (UTC +8)  

Yuan-Hong LEE, MD, PhD

Professor and Vice Director, Dept Dermatology, China Medical University, SHENYANG

The Role of IPL in Managing Melasma in the Era of Picosecond Laser

Nariaki MIYATA, MD

Miyata Plastic Surgery and Skin Clinic, TOKYO

Council Member, Japan Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery

My Paradigm Shift of Pigmentation Removal


Associate Professor, Dept Dermatology, Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, BANGKOK

IPL for Acne

 DATE :  05/30/2021 

PRP: Evidence and Myth

May 16th, 2021, Sat, 21:00-22:00 (UTC +8)


Wei-Chao HUANG, MD, PhD

WeE Plastic and Cosmetic Clinic, Taipei, TAIWAN
PRP and PRF Facilitating Wound Healing and Scar Remodeling: Why do I Use it Routinely?


Mao-Ying LIN, MD, MSc

Dept Dermatology, Xiamen Chang Gung Hospital, Xiamen, Fujian, CHINA
Progress in the Use of PRP in Aesthetic and Medical Dermatology



Division of Dermatology, Dept of Medicine, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Bangkok, THAILAND
Platelet-Rich Plasma in Hair Regrowth

 DATE :  05/16/2021 

How to Optimize the Use of Topical Corticosteroid Preparation in Your Clinical and Aesthetic Practices

Apr 25th, 2021, 21:00-22:00 (UTC +8)   

Steven R. FELDMAN, MD, PhD

Professor, Dermatology Social Sciences & Health Policy Pathology, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, NORTH CAROLINA

Optimizing Use of Topical Corticosteroid

Geun Soo LEE, MD

Vice President, Association of Korean Dermatologists, Seoul, KOREA

Topical Corticosteroid, Conductor of Gentle Healing Process in Aesthetic Practice

Patrick Po-Han HUANG, MD

President, CyASIA; Executive Director, Taiwanese Dermatological Association, TAIWAN

How I Use Topical Corticosteroids in My Aesthetic and Clinical Dermatology Practices


Associate Professor, Department of Dermatology, Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, THAILAND

Corticosteroid: Transepidermal Drug Delivery and How I Apply it on Laser Wounds

 DATE :  04/25/2021 

The Unlimited Possibility of Skin Flaps: The Experts’ Insight and Wisdom

Apr 11th, 2021, Sat. 20:00-21:00 (UTC +8)

Chang-Hun HUH, MD, PhD

Professor, Dept Dermatology, Seoul National University, SEOUL

The Priciples of Skin Flap Operation

Jess Yen-Jen WANG, MD

Skin Surgeon, Dept. of Dermatology, Mackey Memorial Hospital, Taipei, TAIWAN

Combining More than Two Flaps for Reconstruction of a Single Defect to Achieve the Final Best Aesthetic Outcome

Chonghyun WON, MD, PhD

Chief of Skin Cancer Center, Chair of Dept. of Convergence Medicine,Asan Medical Center, Seoul, KOREA

Skin Flap for Lip and Perioral Defects


Head, Skin Cancer Unit, Cancer Institute, The Medical City Ortigas, Metro Manila, PHILIPPINES

Post-Mohs Micrographic Surgery Flap Reconstruction on Philippine Patients

 DATE :  04/11/2021 

Laser-assisted Drug Delivery

March 28, 2021, 21:00-22:00 (UTC +8)


Associate Professor, Head of Aesthetic and Laser Therapy, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, BERLIN

Enhanced Skin Surface and Epidermal Uptake with Fractional Thermomechanical Technology

Patrick Po-Han HUANG, MD

President, CyASIA; Executive Director,  Taiwanese Dermatological Association, TAIPEI; HUANG PH Dermatology and Aesthetics, KAOHSIUNG

My Experience in Using Fractional CO2 Laser to Deliver SADBE for Patients with Warts

Chang-Hun HUH, MD, PhD

Professor, Dept Dermatology, Seoul National University, SEOUL

The Basics of Laser-powered Microjet Injection for Drug Delivery

Zhong LU, MD, PhD

Professor, Dept Dermatology, and Chief, Laser Therapy Center at Huashan Hospital, Fudan University, SHANGHAI

Photodynamic Therapy of Severe Acne with the Help of Laser-assisted Drug Delivery


Professor, Dept of Dermatology, and Head of Siriraj Skin Laser Center at Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, BANGKOK

Laser-Assisted Drug Delivery: New Drugs to Push in The Holes

Suk-Bae SEO, MD, MSc

Head Researcher, SAS Dermatologic Clinic, SEOUL

Medical Secretary, Association of Korean Dermatologists

PDLA Delivery with a Novel Needleless Injector Using Laser-generated Microjets

 DATE :  03/28/2021 

Mar 14th, 2021, Sun. 20: 00-21: 00 (UTC +8)

Injecting HA in Asians, to Build-up Projection or Fill Deficits First?

Benjamin ASCHER, MD

Founder and Scientific Director, IMCAS Congresses


Scientific Program Director, CyASIA; Medical Director, Rejavu Dental and Dermatology, Surabaya, INDONESIA


Special Advisor, CyASIA; Dean to School of Antiaging and Regenerative Medicine, Mah Fah Luang University in Bangkok, Thailand

Patrick HUANG, MD

President, CyASIA; Medical Director, Huang PH Dermatology and Aesthetics, Hskin Group, Kaohsiung, TAIWAN

Opening: Why We Think Differently in Asian Beauty


Special Advisor, CyASIA; President, Australian Society of Cosmetic Dermatologists, Professor, Monash University, AUSTRALIA.

Facial beauty is facial shape in everyone

Wilson HO, MD

President, Hong Kong Association of Cosmetic Surgery, HONG KONG

Structural and Functional Considerations

Tingsong LIM, MD

Clique Clinic, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

My philosophy of filler injection is not looking at the obvious, but working on the source of the obvious and nip it at the bud

Nark Kyoung RHO, MD, MS

Leaders Aesthetic Laser and Cosmetic Surgery Center, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

My Value Proposition: Injecting Less for More

 DATE :  03/14/2021 

Feb 28th, 2021, Sun. 21: 00-22: 00 (UTC +8)

The Risks and Tricks of Deep Plane Threading in Facial Aesthetics

Dr. Patrick HUANG
President of CyASIA and Executive Director of Taiwan Dermatological Association, TAIWAN


Special Advisor of CyASIA and Dean to School of Antiaging and Regenerative Medicine, Mah Fah Luang University, THAILAND

Dr. Kuang Cheng CHANG

Why we need to combine the deep plane threading to make thread repositioning a better option for your patients
Accreditation Council Member, Taiwan Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Taipei, TAIWAN


Why I prefer superficial threading for drooping deep buccal fat instead of deep plane threading
Chief Physician, Dr. Shine Clinic, TAIWAN

Dr. Seungmin OH

Evaluation on the safety of the deep plane threading based on 3-D anatomy and tensile strength Gap.
Director, ON Clinic, Seoul, and Executive Director, Korean Association for Lasers, Dermatology and Trichology, SOUTH KOREA

Dr. Yuguang ZHANG

Facial Fat Compartment Restoration by Threading: Superficial vs Deep Plane Threading
Professor and Chief, Division of Cosmetic Surgery, Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital, Shanghai JiaoTong University, CHINA

 DATE :  02/28/2021 

Jan 23th, 2021, Sat  , Sat 16:00 – 17:00 (UTC +8)

The Competition between HIFU and Monopolar RF in Facial Aesthetics

Dr. Patrick HUANG
President, Cyber Conference of Aesthetic Dermatology and Skin Surgery in APAC

Dr. Kuang Cheng CHANG
Accreditation Council Member of the Facial Plastic Surgeon Training Program of the Taiwan Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Andrzej IGNACIUK
President of Polish Society of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine (Polish Society of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine, PTMEiAA), POLAND

Dr. Seiko KOU
KO CLINIC for Antiaging, and Dept of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Yokohama City University Medical Center, Yokohama, Japan

Dr. Do Young RHEE
Director, Leaders Aesthetic Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Center, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

Dr. Fang Wen TSENG
Medical Director, Milano Aesthetic Clinic, Taoyuan, TAIWAN

 DATE :  01/23/2021 

Jan 09th, 2021, Sat 16:00 – 17:00 (UTC +8)

What’s New in Aesthetic Facial Anatomy in 2021

Dr. Patrick HUANG
President, Cyber Conference of Aesthetic Dermatology and Skin Surgery in APAC

Dr. Benjamin ASCHER
Founder and Scientific Director of the IMCAS Congresses

Prof. Hee Jin KIM
Division of Anatomy & Developmental Biology, Department of Oral Biology, Yonsei University

Prof Sebastian COTOFANA
Department of Clinical Anatomy, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science

Dr. Kuang Cheng CHANG
Accreditation Council Member of the Facial Plastic Surgeon Training Program of the Taiwan Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Prof. Sufan WU
Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital

 DATE :  01/09/2021 

Dec 12th, 2020, Sat  16:00 – 17:00 (UTC +8)

Mohs Micrographic Surgery (II):

The Extended Territory by Skin Surgeons

The role of skin surgeons is far more important than what you know. The experts from APAC will share their experiences and wisdom in their practices about challenging locations, slow Mohs, complications and how to solve them. The role of non-invasive imaging in Mohs surgery will be explored in this webinar. 

 DATE :  12/12/2020 

Nov 28th, 2020, Sat  16:00 – 17:00 (UTC +8)

Picosecond Laser:

How to Optimize Treatment Techniques to Get Best Results for Your Patients with Melasma and Pigmented Skin Conditions

Picosecond lasers has been gradually adapted to replace the Q-switched nanosecond lasers to treat the pigmented skin conditions and help improve skin rejuvenation with variable success since its availability in 2014 in Asia. In Asian communities, the demand for treating melasma is higher than tattoos. In this webinar, the panelists will provide neutral, unbiased presentations and debates to show the experts’ thoughts and how they use picosecond lasers in their practices.

 DATE :  11/28/2020 

PLA Injectable: 

Update in preparation and Injection Techniques to Reach Predictable Clinical results and Avoid Complications

Injectable PLA has been available to improve facial contouring and skin texture for decades. The experts of this webinar will present the way of dilution, and different injected volume to meet demands of different patients. The issues of massaging after injection and possibilities about solving the over-augmentation will be debated in the meantime. Besides, since the effects of PLA usually are not appreciable in a few weeks, the experiences about injection of mixture of HA and PLA to provide immediate contouring right after treatment will be discussed. Dr. Ignaciuk, the President of Polish Society of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine, will present the lessons he learned in the past 20 years.

 DATE :  11/21/2020 

Vascular Lasers: Pulsed Dye Lasers and More

Paradigm Shift in the Development and Clinical Pearls in Aesthetic Dermatology and Pediatric Dermatology


The paradigm shift in the development of the pulsed dye lasers is very impressive. We will discuss the development of PDL from 577, to 585 and 595 nm in wavelength and debate if the shift was meaningful. In addition, the role of 1064 nm long pulse laser in the clinical uses will be discussed. We will also debate the limitation of each vascular laser and present cases for discussion.

 DATE :  10/31/2020 

Mohs Surgery for Plantar Melanoma, Angiosarcoma and Merkel Cell Carcinoma

The Extended Territory by Skin Surgeons.

In this webinar, Dr. Wang will share her experience in doing Mohs surgery for the acral melanoma and how pathologists interpretate the acral melanoma cell. Subclinical spread of acral melanoma is one of our main concerns. She will also share her expertise in this issue.
Merkel cell carcinoma and angiosarcoma are not common in daily practices. Dr. Dim-Jamora will share her experiences and tips in doing Mohs in managing patients with these two relatively rare skin cancers.
Dr. Chang, currently leading the team of skin surgery at Chang Gung, will chair the webinar to explain the more intricate aspects of the discussion. Joining this event, you will know more details about Mohs suregry in Asians.
 DATE :  10/17/2020 

Systemic Therapy for Acne: Antibiotics or Isotretinoin, That is the Question.

Discussion and Debate Based on Acne Severity

To prescribe systemic antibiotics and/or isotretinoin is a decision we got to make for acne patients in our daily practices. The three experts from Asia will provide not only the most updated evidences, but also have precious conversations and debate among them to share their thinking process and experiences.
 DATE :  10/03/2020 

Hyaluronidase: When and How to Inject for Treating Vascular Accidents

Case studies for the early and accurate diagnosis and emergent treatment during HA injection

Let’s learn when and how to inject hyaluronidase with SIX experts from APAC! We will focus on case studies for the early and accurate diagnosis of vascular accidents and emergent management with hyaluronidase during HA injection. Although “touch wood” is still important, hyaluronidase will save patients and practitioners.
 DATE :  09/19/2020 

Update on Fat Reduction by Energy-Based Devices in 2020

 DATE :  08/29/2020 

Melasma: When treatment fails, what are your strategies?

The theme of the upcoming CyASIA webinar will focus on melasma.

I believe we all have experience in treating recalcitrant melasma. I appreciate all the big names, Dr. Joyce Lim from Singapore, Dr. Patrr Ch’ng from Malaysia, Dr. Paisal Rummaneethorn from Thailand, Dr. Geun-Soo Lee from Korea, and Dr. Steven Thng to share their thoughts and strategies to manage tough cases of melasma to the practitioners in APAC time zones.

 DATE :  08/08/2020 

BONT-A: Intradermal Injection and Brand Comparison in Facial Aesthetics

 DATE :  07/25/2020 

Tips for the Energy-Based Devices Treatment by Asian Experts

 DATE :  06/27/2020 

Rosacea and Sensitive Skin of the Face During Pandemic

 DATE :  06/13/2020 

Practical Tips in 5 Danger Zones in Filler Augmentation by Asian Experts


DATE :  05/30/2020 

The President’s Opening Remarks and Surgical Pearls from Asian Experts


 DATE :  05/16/2020