CyASIA is proud to offer a platform for presenting cutting edge advancements in aesthetic dermatology and skin surgery and non-biased, open and honest discussion.

Upcoming Event is About to Begin

The theme of the upcoming webinars and their session organizers from January 2024

  1. Jan 21    Skin Booster, Organized by Dr. Peter CH’NG
  2. TBD         Surgery/ Surgical Procedure, Organized by A/Prof. Krissinda DIMJAMORA
  3. TBD         Management of Keloids, Organized by Prof. Kee-Yang CHUNG
  4. TBD         Non-HA Fillers, Organized by Prof. Rungsima WANITPHAKDEEDECHA
  5. TBD          JAK Inhibitors, Organized by the Guest Organizer Dr. Kin Fon LEONG
  6. TBD          Microneedle RF, Organized by Dr. Geun-Soo LEE

The theme of the upcoming webinars and their session organizers from January 2023

  1. Dec/10     How to Enhance Injection Safety (The CyASIA’s Pre-WCD Series)
  2. Dec/10     Myomodulation with HA Fillers

More webinars will cover IPL, toxins, threads, regenerative medicine, rosacea, EBM, and new therapies.

About Us

Due to the pandemic, international traveling for congress has become impossible. The importance of having our own APAC online meeting cannot be emphasized enough. All of us here are within similar time zones compared to those participating in meetings from Europe or the United States. This is why I invited seven leading experts in this field, to establish CyASIA

We are establishing a reliable online international platform where experts can share their pearls in aesthetic dermatology and skin surgery. The webinars will mainly be brief presentations of updated evidence, discussions and debates. There will be no traditional lecturing but mainly panel discussion for critical thinking, clarifying concepts and experience sharing. The duration of each webinar will be around 60 minutes. This is to ensure the attention of all the attendees present are fully absorbing what we are sharing online. I hope this will bring a positive revolution of webinars.

CyASIA welcomes you to join our discussion to enhance the standard of aesthetic dermatology and skin surgery in APAC and the rest of the world.

Scientific Partners

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