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  Clinical Dermatology and Regenerative Medicine

  1. 01/21/2024   Skin Booster, Organized by Dr. Peter CH’NG
  2. TBD                  Management of Keloids, Organized by Prof. Kee-Yang CHUNG
  3. TBD                  JAK Inhibitors, Organized by the Guest Organizer Dr. Kin Fon LEONG
  4. TBD                  Exosome: reliability and reproducibility in the real-world use
  5. TBD                  Cell Therapy: The Gap Between Evidence and Real-World Off-Label Use
  6. TBD                  Photodynamic Therapy for Skin Cancers and Indications other than Skin Cancers

  Lasers and Energy-Based Devices

  1. TBD                  Microneedle RF, Organized by Dr. Geun-Soo LEE
  2. TBD                  Microneedling Radiofrequency: A rising star that makes a difference or another MeToo fractional EBD?
  3. TBD                  What’s New in HIFU and RF: Will Linear-shot or Synchronous Delivery Makes Difference?


  1. TBD                  Non-HA Fillers, Organized by Prof. Rungsima WANITPHAKDEEDECHA
  1. 12/10/2023     Myomodulation with HA Fillers
  2. 12/10/2023     How to Enhance Injection Safety (The CyASIA’s Pre-WCD Series)

  Skin Surgery and Invasive Procedures

  1. TBD                Surgery/ Surgical Procedure, Organized by A/Prof. Krissinda DIMJAMORA

  More webinars will cover IPL, toxins, threads, regenerative medicine, rosacea, EBM, and new therapies.

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Dec 10, 2023, 19:00~20:00 (UTC+8)

How to Enhance Filler Injection Safety (The CyASIA’s Pre-WCD Series)


Director of Mae Fah Luang Hospital, Bangkok, THAILAND

Dr. Peter CH’NG, MD
Chairperson Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Medicine Board of Malaysia, MALAYSIA


Prof. Greg GOODMAN
President, Australasian Society of Cosmetic Dermatologists, Australia
Understanding Facial Anatomy to Avoid (Minimise) Filler Complications

Dermatologist at Medizco Center, VIETNAM
Complications of Injectables: Experience from a Skin Hospital

Discussion and Debate:

How Experts Avoid Vascular Complications in Their Daily Practice

Dec 10, 2023, 21:30~22:30 (UTC+8)

Myomodulation with Injectable Fillers

How this innovative approach helps create aesthetic results


Dr. Wilson HO
President, Hong Kong Association of Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Patrick HUANG
President, Cyber Conference of Aesthetic Dermatology and Skin Surgery in APAC
Executive Director, Taiwanese Dermatological Association


Dr. Allen HUANG
Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon, Taipei, TAIWAN
Myomodulation with Injectable Fillers (TBD)

Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon, Toulouse, FRANCE
Myomodulation: HA power

Dr. Wilson HO
President, Hong Kong Association of Cosmetic Surgery
Functional Consideration in Filler Injection

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